Summer Preview

The cold weather is falmost behind us.  The Zip Line, Segways, Batting Cages and Go-Karts will soon be up and running.  With this in mind, we’ve been getting ready for the Summer of 2017.  While we don’t want to give away ALL of our 2017 SUMMER secrets, but we thought that we would give you a little Preview (since you have been writing in and asking us anyway!)

Please check back often, as we will be announcing detailed descriptions of ALL of the great events and games taking place this Summer.

Spring Carnival

Our theme for the 2017 Woodloch Carnival is “Classic Carnival.  Re-live the days of yesteryear!  Our Carnival Barker will set the scene as you enjoy some classic, old-time games!

Family X-Games – Monday Event

We’ve decided to reach back into the archives for our latest version of our Summer Lake Games.  So this year, it’s “Lake Games – Survivor Version #2”.  It was one of our most popular and challenging Lake Games of all time!  All new team events.  If your team is up to the challenge….

Escape Room

Groups of 8-10 will have 50 minutes to gather clues and try to figure out how to escape our room that has been built on an Indian Burial Ground!  Groups will sign up in advance and it will take place every day!

*This room will have an nominal fee*

And as ALWAYS!

  • Summer Scavenger Hunt

  • Summer Double Dare

  • Summer Pool Games

  • Summer Olympics

  • Zip Line, Climbing Wall, Archery, Paintball….the list goes on and on!