Escape Room


Our Escape Room has been SO POPULAR, that we are going to be adding a 2nd room!  A BRAND NEW challenge for our guests!!  Stay Tuned for details!

Woodloch Room 1313


After anxiously awaiting your Woodloch vacation, your group finally arrives! Unfortunately, you are given the disheartening news that Woodloch is sold out for the weekend and there are no rooms available… or are there?

You take it upon yourself to have a peek at the check-in computer and see every room is indeed marked occupied… all but one. ROOM 1313.

You immediately question the front desk manager who nervously responds with, “no one has been allowed in that room for years. We are told to NEVER book THAT room out!” After a brief meeting with your group, you devise a plan to “borrow” the room keys! Your friends cause a distraction in the lobby while you sneak behind the desk and grab the keys!

Jackpot! It worked! You all run out of the lobby and towards room 1313. Once inside, your mood immediately changes as the door shuts behind you, locking you all inside with what seems to be no way out. It appears that room 1313 is haunted by the spirit of Chief Teedyuskung and his tribe, who were all violently beheaded and buried beneath the room 300 years ago. You have 60 minutes to escape from room 1313 or you will suffer the consequences of being possessed and becoming a part of Chief Teedyuskung’s haunted tribe!

  • Groups of 8-10 will have 50 minutes to gather clues and try to figure out how to escape our room that has been built on an Indian Burial Ground

  • Groups will sign up in ADVANCE.  This will be offered DAILY

  • Amenity will be available on or around May 1, 2017

  • This amenity will have a nominal, additional fee