Scavenger Hunt

Teams of approximately 10 players, will compete against each other in a spirited competition to see who can end up with the most points!

There are puzzles, items to be found, and even a bonus question that can quickly change your team’s fortune!

Woodloch medals are awarded for having a top 3 score!

Wear your running shoes!!! Clues can be found all around our 135 acre campus!



  1. The EDGE

    we advise our guests to check the game cheats and play the games NO earlier than 3 days prior to their visit. While I can’t answer your question currently, it would be my “Guess” that the clues will change between now and the weekend of the 8th. When we change our clues, it becomes a TOP STORY on the EDGE.

  2. Lisa Nocera

    Are the clues for the scav hunt that on online now the ones that will be good for the weekend of January 8th.

  3. The EDGE

    right now, Scav is scheduled for 10:30am on Thanksgiving morning. Not 100% confirmed, and subject to change…

  4. Robin Lufrano

    What time will the scavenger hunt be Thursday ?

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