Summer Olympics

Summer Olympics is still one of our most POPULAR events every year!  What makes this even even more fun is that unlike our other events where YOU put your team together, WE create the teams for the is Friday event!  It’s a great way to meet you new people and make new friends!!

Teams of approximately 12 members will compete against each other in a series of outdoor games.

**We will be running a “trial” version of our Summer Olympics through the end of June.  During this time, we will not be assigning teams.**

Medals are awarded for the top scores

2017 Olympic Events

  • 9 Square in the Air:  This is a team event where all 10 players must attempt to move a ball around the 9-square stand.

  • Olympic Ring Toss:  You are on offense AND defense in this event.

  • Frisbee Toss: Go for the safe points, or risk it and try to hit the BIG SCORE.

  • Foo-Soccer:  Lifesize Foosball you say?

  • Tug-O-War: Classic team vs team, tug of war.

  • Bocce Dots: Just like bocce….but not really.  There is always a “twist”.