Winter Olympics

The Woodloch Winter Olympics are one of our most popular events at the resort. As always, we will have 7 NEW events for you to compete in. We suggest you spend some time at the gym before you arrive…you will be running! (Don’t forget to dress for the weather conditions! We will be outside!)

Teams of approximately 10 members will compete against each other in a series of outdoor games..

Fun for the entire family!

A great way to meet new people and make life long friends.

  • Snowman Disc – Team of 10 is divided into two groups of 5 players. There are 5 stands with a small snowman atop each stand. One group will be throwing Frisbees and the other will be retrieving the Frisbees and attempting to catch the snowman if it gets knocked off.

  • Bocce Wall – In this game, two teams of ten will play against each other. There is a small wall set up about 15 ft away from the starting line. One team is given red, soft bocce balls and the other is given blue soft bocce balls. One player at a time will throw their bocce ball in an attempt to get it as close to the wall as they can, without actually hitting it. Play continues alternating red and blue until all of the balls are gone.

  • Haybale Hurdles – In this game, teams of 10 will split up into two groups of 5. One set will go to the bottom of the snow hill, while the other goes to the top. The players at the bottom are the runners/hurdlers. One at a time, holding a baton, each player will run to the top of the snow hill, and hurdle the 3 hay bales placed in the running lane. Once they reach the top, they will hand the first player from the group at the top of the hill the baton. That player then slides down the snow hill on their butt. Once they reach the bottom, they hand the baton to the next runner in line. Play continues until the final player crosses the finishes line.

  • Snow Tube Football – In this event, the team of ten will be split up into 2 pushers, 5 riders, and 3 catchers. Pushers are stationed at the top of the Snow Tube Run and will be pushing their teammates down the run. Each rider has a football that they will take with them on their journey down the hill. When they get to a certain point in their ride, they will attempt to throw the football through 3 rings. The more rings the football makes it through, the more time gets removed from the final team time!

  • Tic Tac Snow – In this game, teams of 10 will line up smallest to tallest to play against each other. There is a large tic tac toe board built and laying on the snow approximately 15 feet away from where the starting line is. Each team has 3 large bean bags. On the whistle, the first player from each team will run out with their bean bag and place it in the board. They then must run back to the next player in line and tag them to allow them to go. Once the tag is successful, the next player in line runs out to place their bean bag.  The object is to get 3 bean bags in a row, column, or diagonally before the other team. Bean bags are allowed to be moved once all 3 are in the board in an attempt to win the game.

  • Igloo Build – In this game, 10 players will attempt to make an “igloo” out of hula hoops. One at a time, players will run out to the base and place their hula hoop where it belongs on the stand. There are six in total. One player is positioned at the base to assist in the building. Once the igloo is built, 2 players will crawl through it and then the final player will disassemble the igloo and return all hula hoops to the starting line. Fastest time wins.

  • Coaster Chaos– In this game, two teams will play against each other. One team will be given sleds and a course that they will navigate through, one at a time. The other team is lined up outside of the course, armed with soft pompom snowballs. The idea is for the team riding the sleds down the hill to be as evasive as possible while the other team with the snowballs attempts to throw the snowballs at them. For each successful hit, the throwing team scores a point. After all 10 sledders go, the teams switch roles. Whichever team scores more points will win the game.

**Olympics Games will begin December 27th**

Medals are awarded for the top scores