Summer Olympics

The Woodloch Summer Olympics are one of our most popular events at the resort. As always, we will have 6 NEW events for you to compete in. We suggest you spend some time at the gym before you arrive…you will be running!

Teams of approximately 10 members will compete against each other in a series of outdoor games.  For our Summer Olympics, you sign up in advance, and teams are randomly assembled by our staff.  Each team will chose a captain, and your team will be be given a country and a flag to represent your squad.

It’s a great way to make new friends!

  • Basketball Connect 5 – Teams are will shoot basketballs into designated containers until they get 5 balls in a row.

  • Pool Soccer – Your team will have to kick soccer balls into their designated goals.  Did we mention you will be standing on a giant pool table?  And the goals will be the pockets of the table?

  • Volley Dodgeball – This game is combination of volleyball and dodgeball.  After the serve, you can actually “catch” the other teams shots…once you do, that player is eliminated!  Be careful though.  If you drop it, YOU are out!

  • Track Run – A timed event.  Your team will have to run a relay race consisting of 3 different size hurdles.

  • Disc Throw – Each team will take turns throwing our discs as far as they can.  Distance is the key to this event. Throw it FAR!

  • Field Hockey Knock Out – Teams will compete in a Field Hockey event.  Trying to knock the opposing team out of the competition.


Medals are awarded for the top scores